Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wouldn't you love to do this to someone?

Do you know that annoying person? Wouldn't you love to do this to them on some days? LOL

Yeah that's going to work!

I just discovered I have a fever. I guess I caught what the kids had/have. Well I go to get myself some Ibuprofin and realize I've poured two children's chewable vitamins in my hand. Yep, that's going to bring down my fever so I can try to make it through the rest of the day. Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Not having a good week. All 3 kids have been sick. Now the all need to be nebulized several times a day. We only had one machine so the Dr had ine delivered to our house. Do you know they only sent a respiratory tech out to show me how to use it, lol. The first time around a few years ago the just dropped one by at 10p pm and I had to guess at it.

The baby and James are taking thetreatments well. Christoph is terrible about it. I had to hold him down and do it while he screamed and kicked me. But he's GOT to have the medicine. He's wheezing worse than his big brother.

James went back to school since missing two days. He didn't have a good day. He didn't cooperate with his teacher and threw himself to the floor screaming he didn't want to leave when it was time to go home. Could be because he's still not feeling well? But that's the first time this teacher has seen him do that. We did warn her ahead of time of the tantrums he tosses when transitioning from one activity to the next so it shouldn't have been a total suprise to her.

I took away his computer priviledges for that, but he keeps asking to use it. I can't just let him ger away with it though. He says he'll listen to the teacher when he has school on Thursday, so we'll see.

Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm so darn tired I'm having dizzy spells...

My darling daughter is sleeping worse than she did as a newborn!

She won't nap at all during the day, screams all day because she's so over tired. Won't go to sleep without A LOT of rocking and snuggling. I'm talking HOURS, I've actually fallen asleeping holding her and rocking her. Good thing I didn't drop her. I woke up because her weight was hurting my arm. She used to sleep at least 3 hours straight at night, then would be up ever 40 minutes until 2 am, then it was time for her to get up for the day in her mind, so I'd lay on the floor with her. She won't go for that now, she bops, kicks, punches and tries to strangle me with my own clothes if she's not pulling out handfuls of my hair. I'm lucky if she'll sleep 40 minutes after I put her down after the hours of trying to get her to sleep. She's so overtired I'm about to cry. I can't do ANYTHING, I have to literally hold her all day or the world will end. When I put her down so I can go to the bathroom or take care of her brothers she will actually cry so hard and long she forgets to breath and her lips start turning blue! I have to grab her and blow in her face so she'll take a breath. She's so not ready for any type of CIO, which I wouldn't do until she was one or older anyway.

We've been to the Dr to have her checked over and no ear infections or anything. No signs of teeth (I even tried a dose of tylenol JIC, but it didn't help). I'm so tired that I can and have fallen asleep after downing a cup of coffee. I only sat down for a few seconds to rest my legs because dd has to be held while I stand and walk (thus me moving a laptop to the kitchen counter so I can work).

I know if she would just sleep her whole mood will be better, but how can I make her? LOL. I'm slowly going nuts! Or maybe I already have and just haven't realized it yet.