Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So it's been a while!

I don't know what to write. I'm so tired. K isn't sleeping again. Found out she's got bad food allergies. Especially to peanuts which she's never freaking had. So between her and J we have to avoid treenuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat and coconut. It's giving me panic attacks just trying to figure out safe meals! She loves fruits and veggies but will not eat meat. She's so tiny as it is and needs more protien. I need to find some recipes with tofu and see if she'll eat that!

The Utah move is still up in the air. AZ (Mesa!) might me another possiblity but don't say anything, lol. I don't want to freaking see another cardboard box for a good long time!

James started full time at school yesterday. I think he likes it. He was so excited about all they had done but then didn't want to go today until we were already on the way.

C, well he's the same stinker. Big 3 year old attitude and will not use a potty to save his life! I'm so sick of nasty undies!

Well off to play with the kids for a bit so maybe they'll get tired and take a nice quiet nap.