Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's been wet and gray outside

for so long I think I have forgotten what the sun looks like! Today it is raining/snowing/sleeting/freezing name it we have it. Not a fun day to be outside.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Frogpond Badge

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And no she didn't nap again!

I went up to check on her and she looked like she could fall asleep. So I go back at the one hour mark and she's sitting there asking me if she could get up. Where's a roll eyes picture when I need one?

Wow that wind is cold!

It's 38F here today but it feels so much colder with the wind. It's strong wind too. Yesterday it knocked the kids jungle climber right over. I can't even lift the darn thing because it's so heavy. The van doesn't like the wind either, it was a struggle to stay in my own lane on the open highway. I could feel the van being pushed the entire way.

Good day so far though (mostly). I took the middle kiddo to school and then ran the oldest to the dentist. He didn't have to have the one tooth pulled (yet) they want to wait some more to see if it comes out on it's own before blocking the new teeth that grew in behind. Shark teeth is what we called them, lol. He had two permanent teeth come in just behind his baby teeth. The permament teeth are so big that the next baby tooth is blocking it from moving forward all the way. Well since the xray showed it did move forward some they want to wait and see. Especially since the baby tooth is still very deeply rooted. I'd rather not have it pulled if it's deeply rooted if we can help it. So I hope the bugger losens up before his checkup/cleaning in March.

Kerstin is down for a nap. First one in months. She never sleeps during naps anymore so I gave up. Well she was a snot and threw her food because I wouldn't feed her candy. My request was eat the chicken and then she could have candy so she proceded to scream and cry and toss chicken around the kitchen. I put her plate back in front of her since she shoved it and told her to stop or she would go for a nap. Well she shoved the whole plate in the floor and still carried on with a tantrum and was really pissed about "being in a baby chair" since she was in her booster so I picked her up and put her in bed and put a gate up. She screamed for a good 15 minutes but all is quiet now so I'm going to sneak up and check on her. I bet she's making a mess instead of sleeping, lol.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm not good at it but this is what I've been doing lately

Finished product (flaws included but can't be fixed at this point)


It's a gift for mil so SHHHHHH! I tried to make it close to the colors in her house so she could leave it out.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two down and one more to go...

First kid puked Friday night, second kid puked several times last night, all over his bed each time none the less. So now I'm just waiting to see if the youngest gets it. I hate cleaning up puke it makes me puke too.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm really depressed...

the kidney pain is back. It started the day before Thanksgiving. It doesn't hurt in the front like before though so I guess I should be thankful. It just hurts in the back like someone kicked me with a steel toed boot. I don't want to go back to the horrible specialist. He's the best around here and that's not saying much. I guess should also be thankful that I can manage during the day with a heating pad on it but gosh it hurts so much to turn over at night that I wake up. Not a happy girl right now!

The oldest kiddo got sick yet again on Friday. I heard him making noises like he was going to vomit and I was already so queasy myself. I tried to get him up put the stinker puked and then laid right in it trying to go back to sleep. By the time I got him in the tub he was upset but still trying to go to sleep. I put like 1/2 inch of water in the tub and washed him quickly and ran to clean it all up because it smelled so horrible. By the time I was done puking myself he was laying down alseep in the tub. Yes I freaked and screamed, he tossed the towel in the tub and tried to get dressed soaking wet. I was screaming some more (not my finest moment!) and he got scared and ran down the hall telling me to quit being the boss of him.

I finally got him settled and myself calmed down but by then dh had sprayed some stupid air freshener all over the room and that just made me more queasy and I started having an asthma attack. So I sat out in the living room with J while we waited for the smell from the air freshener to die down. Now J has a cough that he woke up with today and K has it too. She tells me her nose hurts s I need to call the Dr. to have her checked for a sinus infection. She's had 3 back to back colds since the second week of October.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I can't wait for Friday...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 2 with all 3 kids home....

the 3rd full day of the oldest being home. The boys were fever free this morning. Crossing my fingers the fevers stay away. The school likes them to be fever free 24 hours before returning. I don't know how many parents follow that though. I've been there when kids were seeming to cough up lungs and dragging around. If a kid is that sick they should be home resting so they can get better instead of worse. I guess it hits us harder because of our lung issues. I hate this time of year. At least this is the first illness the school season and it didn't happen the second week of school.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Love that bunny!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Crappy 7th Birthday to my first born...

Poor little guy is so sick right now. I was in the middle of making his birthday cake when the school nurse called. So I had to drop it all and go get him. He was so upset and crying and just looks like he feels like crap. I think he's more upset about missing his birthday. I almost cried in the school office with him. I did promise him he will still get his cake and his presents.

He slept for almost 2 hours after I gave him some Motrin. Then he came running when I turned on the Scooba. He for some reason thought I was vacuuming up his toys, lol. Maybe he should keep them picked up, hahahaha! He tried to play games on his computer but didn't have it in him. Within 5 minutes he was laying his head down so I picked him up and laid him down on the couch and turned on some cartoons for him to watch. Poor kiddo! He still has a headache but his fever is down to 99F now. I just hope it doesn't spike really high. He has a tendency to do that. Especially if if has an ear infection or sinus infection.

Sorry your birthday is filled with germs big boy!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Wish me luck...

Hubby is home today, they get every other Friday off but he usually has to go to work anyway. Any how, I'm going to sneak out and go birthday shopping for my oldest. I don't want to over do. I'm thinking ONE gift from each of us will do. One from Mom, one from Dad, one from baby brother and one from baby sister. He's got so much junk in the form of toys he really doesn't need any more. I don't want to spend a ton either with Christmas coming up so soon.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I need someone to come take this elephant

off of my chest! Darn cold is messing with my asthma in a bad way. I STILL have a sore throat. Funny thing is I took a flashlight and looked at it today and the tonsils are very swollen but nothing is red. So why does it hurt so much?

I've been using my albuterol so much more than normal. I've been having many asthma attacks a day as opposed to like one or two a month. I'm so not happy. I don't want to go on prednisone again. I think that's what caused the kidney stone/infection issues. Ugh, please go away germs! All three kids are still coughing a lot. It's been over a week so by the end of the week if they haven't started clearing up I'll make them appointments with the Dr.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Man oh man did anyone get the tag number

of that truck that hit me? I got up this morning feeling like a truck hit me. My throat is so sore I can barely swallow water. My neck hurts, my side hurts and middle and lower back hurts. Thanks kids! You shared your nasty germs with mommy! I hope it doesn't move into my chest. I don't need that on top of my asthma which has been flaring up a lot more latley. Could be because I was coming down with this crud. Good grief my head hurts so bad I can't even look down without so much pressure. Sitting upright it feels like a vice is on it as it is. I took some ibuprofen and sudafed. The good kind I had left over before they ruined it by making the PE formula. What the heck does PE stand for any way? It doesn't work for me whatever it is. I already have zyrtec in me but my nose would not stop running and I can't run around with a tissue up to my nose all day.

I'm still going to walk my mile today come hell or high water. Speaking of which I hope the next batch of rain holds off long enough for my preK kiddo to finish his field trip. It's so chilly and wet out that I bet all of those kiddos are popsicles by now. It was to an orchard so I know they are outside.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rain, rain, and more rain...

it's a nice change but it's so blah outside.

My treadmill is fixed now, yay! So after I pick up the last muchkin at school I'll hope on and walk for a while.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Ten...

Ten things I'd like to get rid of ...

1. Half the junk in our house.

2. Our pool, it's a money pit.

3. Half of the kids toys, but they always notice when I try to thin them out. Then they want what I've taken away back.

4. The old towels in our linen closet but that would mean buying new ones, lol

5. The old bedframe from the boys beds. They got bunk beds almost a year ago and I still don't know where to put the frame or the boxsprings so for the time being it's set up like a daybed so they can sit on it and read and play. It does take up too much of their bedroom though.

6. All of the old yucky plastic cups the kids use. I'm tempted to replace them with paper cups until they can used real glass, lol. I'm tired of the plastic ones jummping from the cabinet all the time.

7. All of the boys old out grown shoes from the summr. I think I'll do that today!

8. All of the clothes in my dresser I never wear. It's all old and stained. Time for some new ones! Maybe I'll toss some of the yucky shirts I wear when I'm painting.

9. Tossing some of the shoes I don't wear because they were cheap and hurt my feet. Another thing I can do today!

10. Tossing some of the papers the kids have brought home so far this year. I've been keeping them in little plastic bins but they are getting full. I'll keep the art stuff and toss the school work.


I don't know what is wrong with me. I was soooo tired this morning and my ribs where they did the lithotripsy and my lower back hurt so bad I nearly had to crawl from the bed to the bathroom. I guess I could be still sore from the procedure since I still have the bruise from the IV site. I just want to feel half human again. I guess I could also be getting sick. All three kids are sick and they aren't too stingy with sharing germs.

James had his first field trip of the year. It's at a Christmas tree farm of all things. I guess it got by the censors or something because everything else at school is secularlized. Fall Festivial, Winter Harvest Festival and so on. I don't mind seculaization, but they do it selectively. They do dreidals (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and they do Kwaanzaa (sorry again if that's spelled wrong) things but they cut out all references to Christmas. Come on be fair, if you're going to do the others do Christmas too or cut them all out all together. I love that my kids learn different things from various cultures and faiths but don't cut ours out too for offending. I'm offended that Christianity has been cut out. Combine it and make it fair or don't do it at all. You know?!?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Not much longer

then my oldest will have his 7th birthday. He's so excited he's about to burst! I've already gotten little treat bags with cheap toys that he will share with his classmates at school. What a bummer to have school on you birthday, lol. He's off the next two days after so it's all good.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm so bummed...

They called yesterday about my procedure. I'm going to be put under for it. I was told I would be awake. I don't want to have the anesthesia. It makes me puke when I wake up, then I get those nasty dry heaves the rest of the day. I am so not looking forward to that. I hate to puke! But then again I don't think I know anyone that enjoys it.

The kids...well what can I say about them, they've been super duper stinkers. Christoph is even getting in trouble in school daily. Yesterday he wrote on the floor with his pencil. I marched him back in to clean it up but they had already made him clean it up. Monday he got upset they gave popcorn for the snack so he laid on the floor pouting and possibly whining. Well the teacher turned around and ran into him and he has a slight bruise on his forhead from that. He didn't cry though. He won't stay in his seat and tells her "No" when she asks him to do his work. I give him time outs for his bad behavior and treats when he has good days. It just seems there's more bad days lately and he thinks getting into trouble is funny. He will sit there and smirk at me when I'm yelling at him for hitting his sister in the head with a thrown toy. He has smacked at me, he pushes his brother, screams and yells a loud as he can and laughs about it. Don't get me on the toys. Let's just say that after this afternoon if all of the kids don't get involved and pick them up, I will take care of them for good.

I hurt so much so if I have to get on my hands and knees to pick up they are gone! Gone for good. Dh says I'm not being fair. I've been asking them, yelling at them, and punishing them for WEEKS for not cleaning up. They just dump more and more out. Then walk on them, throw them around and generally just don't play with them. It seems like toys just need to be out not played with.

I've taken computers and TV away for the week. I'm enjoying the quiet. They don't watch TV anyway they just have it on in the background just wasting electricity.

We had an early meeting at the school today. Kerstin was good and sat there with a pencil and crayons and wrote on her paper. Christoph, well the boy was caughht sticking a pencil in an electrical outlet. I looked over and my instinct came out...I yelled "Christoph Alexander" right there in front of the three teachers in the room. I think either I scared the one, or the thought of him sticking the pencil in the outlet scared her. But that's just one example of the things he does all day long. He's just constantly looking for bad things to do. The little snot smiled about it when I got up during the meeting and removed the pencil from his hands and moved his chair away from the outlet. I just don't know what to do with him anymore. I'm giving him one on one time thinking it's a cry for attention, but he's behaving worse. Time outs don't bother him, taking privledges away does not bother him. Going to bed early doesn't bother him. I just don't know what to do next. I'm just so tired. :(

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Only 17 more days

and not that I look forward to surgery but I'm so looking forward to getting better. I've been sick and in pain since July. I've had enough!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm dreading going to bed even

though I'm dog tired. I hurt so bad and am so sick to my stomach in the mornings. I hate it. I'll be so glad when this is all over. Darn antibiotics are not doing me good. I hope it's doing the same thing to the bacteria camped out in my kidney.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is getting so very old...

I'm tired of hurting. I'm tired of taking meds that make me so sick that I literally fall down. Sunday I fell and hit the fire extinguisher and set it off. What a mess. I couldn't even clean it up. I had to ask hubby to do it while I crawled to the couch and laid there. I felt like I couldn't get enough of a deep breath in, I was so dizzy and queasy. Then when the dizziness passed I was having wierd fast heart beats like I had been running. I had been completely still and not moved an inch for two hours.

The pain is really bad now, so I hope the stone is passing! That would be great not to have surgery. The 4 1/2 day stay in the hospital was over $12K of which we had to pay 20% of. That hurt our savings account. Dh was trying to build it up for a rainy day. You never know these days when lay offs will come. Honestly with his skills and intelligence he has no worries. He's good at what he does even if he's hard on himself. But that's what you get when you're a type A personality.

The boys are being big turkeys and I don't know why or what to do about it. I've taken away every priviledge within reason so they can earn them back but that's not working. They just turn into a mass of crying screaming fools. They've been having tantrums worse than their 2 year old sister! Sigh! They are going to bed super early all this week to see if it's partly from being tired. I guess school takes a lot out of you.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

This is for you Julie! Sleep Study...

I had a sleep study done at the end of June. I went in on a Friday night and left on Saturday morning. When I got there the nurses were arguing over whose patient I was going to be. I guess it was a slow night because they both wanted to be my nurse.

Anyway they took me to a room that looked like a cheap hotel room with cameras and lots of electronic boxes. There was a huge TV there so I just sat and watched some game show while I waited for them.

The one nurse came in and started combing my hair around and writing on my scalp with a colored pencil it wasn't comfortable. In fact the next day I had sores that scabbed over where she wrote on me. Anyway from there she put some goopy stuff that was like thick vaseline on my scalp where she wrote and then attached wires to me. I had wires all over my scalp, by my eyes, by my jaws, on my legs, on my chest. Then all the wires were attached to a smaller box that was wired into a bigger box. I could be unplugged from the larger box and wear the smaller one around my neck to go to the bathroom. The entire time she was attaching wires to me (about an hour) she was explaining how people were supposed to sleep to get a good night's sleep. No snoring, no apnea and so forth. And why so many people were so tired the next day.

So when she was done, she left telling me she'd be back in a few minutes. So I watched TV and crocheted a blanket I'm making as a Christmas gift. An hour later they came over the intercom and asked me if I was ready for bed since I had put my stuff away and turned off the TV still waiting for the nurse to come back. So they came in and attached wires to the inside of my nose. Not fun! Then left to give me directions over the intercom to calibrate the machines.

Sleeping was not comfortable until I figured I could move the box of wires so I could lay on my side. I kept waking up hearing doors slamming. And I woke up pretty early, it was barely light out, but I couldn't tell you what time it was since they didn't have a clock in the room. They calibrated the machine again and told me they would be right in to remove the wires.

A while later they came in, I guess about 20 mintues...seemed like forever! Then removed the wires, while talking the entire time. The nurse was excited we had lived in Chandler, where her God son just opened up a big Dental practice and her one son went to the same college my husband did and her other son went to the college I went to. So she had me there for another hour talking about that and showing me her God Son's Website. And talking about how she's going to visit.

I finally had to tell her I had to get home to feed my kids breakfast. Which I didn't, since hubby fed them. But darn I wanted a shower to get that electrode goop out of my hair. It would not wash out btw! It took 3 days of washing my hair 2X a day to get it out. Until then I walked around looking greasy like I hadn't washed my hair.

I STILL don't have the results from the sleep study. Dr quack was supposed to have one of her college kids that were working in the office call. I'm going to ask today if the results got there yet. I also need to ask her why I still have knots in my veins from the IV's I had in the hospital a month ago. They are sensitive when I bump them or the kids grab them.

Went to the Specialist on Monday

Basically I should not be in this much pain so the Dr shrugged his shoulders refused to give me pain medication. Told me to take Ibuprofin and use a heating pad. That's what I've been doing for the past month plus. I'm up to four tablets every 6 hours and they don't even take the edge off the pain so it's not even worth taking them. Surgery is supposed to be scheduled for 6 weeks from now to make sure the kidney's don't have any signs of infection. I don't get that since the urine test they did in the office said there was no bacteria.

I go to my regular quack today. So we'll see if the cat scan gone horribly wrong will show anything else. I didn't post it here but they couldn't get an IV in to run the dye. Poked me hard 3 times. Finally got it into a tiny vein and and about 30 seconds after they started the dye the vein blew. I had a knot the size of a softball in the crease of my elbow and up my arm by mid afternoon. Boy it hurt but not as bad as the pain I have in my ribs and back. My arm was ok but a little swollen and very badly bruised (still has some bruising!) the next day.

I'm just so tired of hurting. It's been over a month and neither the Urologist or my Dr think I should be in this much pain so no pain medication. I don't get it. Not like I go in asking for it all the time. I'm in pain damn it! I guess they are leary because this area is full of people that are on illegal drugs. I guess they think I want it for the wrong purposes. But I don't! I can't go another six weeks in pain. It's affecting my life, it's affecting my family's life. I can't do much, when I start hurting so bad I can't go on I have to rest. Now tell me how that's fair?!?

First Day of School

I couldn't get a good picture of this one because he was distracted. But he's now a First Grader!

And Christoph is in PreK and says he likes it but won't tell me what he did in class.

And then one of Kerstin because she wanted me to take her picture. She picked the outfit, including the hat (princesses of course)! LOL

Friday, August 31, 2007

When will this pain go away?

I wish this stone would pass already. I have a life to live and it's limiting me! The kids or the boys are in school now and loving it. I'm so glad they like it so much. It gives me a few quiet hours during the day and some time with the baby girl who is growing so fast as it is.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Counters are done!

and here's what we have so far...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm in so much pain right now and

the fever and chills are not helping. I go to the Dr this afternoon (earliest appointment I could get even after mentioning how sick I am!). I think my UTI has spread to my kidneys. I just pray she doesn't want to put me in the hospital. Hubby took the afternoon off yesterday while I passed out on the couch from the fever. It was 102 inspite of taking tylenol and ibuprofen and I had the chills so bad which contined all night long.

Although he already has over 30 hours in for the week he can't take off much more because he's smack in the middle of a CDR. Ugh, why does this have to happen when things are so hectic. I can't do much. Sitting, moving, lying down anything at all hurts so bad.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Just a few pictures of my work in progress...

I started out with painting our kitchen a pastel sage (looks like celery green to me), since the grayish green that was on the walls when we bought the house made the kitchen look dark. I planned on putting up a ceramic backsplash (thanks to my online friend Josie for suggesting it) to tie in the gray countertop with the walls to tie everything together. Well found out we're probably going to be moving within a year so I found a wall paper boarder that was nearly identical to the tiles. And much cheaper I may add, lol. So get all the painting done finally after stopping while fighting allergies, bronchitis, several double ear infections and some serious asthma issues that landed me in the E.R.

So the darn faucet starts leaking. No problem they are easy to replace, right?!? Not if it's rusted to the sink. Okay, solution buy a sink, the tiny cheap stainless one in there wouldn't be a big draw for a potential buyer anyway. Well, the darn sink was glued down to the countertop with something hard instead of being placed down with silicone. Only problem was that hubby didn't know and when he tried to lift the sink out he ripped two large areas of laminate up on both sides of the sink. Now the countertop that I hated and worked so hard to tie into the decor is ruined. Sigh!, it's costing a fortune to put new counters in.

I hope it doesn't mess up the paint and wall paper boarder I put in! I guess the paper is cheap enough I can get more to replace it if it does. And I have some paint left so I won't have to worry about it not matching. I was going to use it to paint the kids bathroom but I found a can of Whoops paint for like $7 that would work in there just fine. If you're looking for paint and aren't sure you want to commit look at the whoops's cheap and if you don't like it you can repaint without a ton of money being put out. Countertop people come out Friday to do the template then I'll be countertopless and sinkless in the kitchen for weeks until they get the countertop in and made. You'd think they'd keep stuff in stock but I guess they don't. Not looking forward to the mess but it better look nice after since I wasn't planning to sink all that money into the kitchen.

Here is the kitchen on the day we bought the house
Here's what it looks like right now with broken countertops Okay should have taken the pictures at the same time of day. Actually the first one was taken by the realtor.

Sink before and after

I also changed the handles on the cabinets since the were outdated and another online friend suggested I change them.

Before and after of the cabinet hardware

And one more a closer look at the wall colors before and after
Well I can't really tell from the pictures here it's changed, lol...but it has. The kitchen is so much brighter now. The grayish green was a bit of a mood dampener I think. The color I painted the kitchen in was Behr's Pastel Sage if you wanted to look it up on their website.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I swear I don't think I can go a week without

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What a fun night...


Most of it was spent in the E.R. with the entire family while I had a bad reaction to a cough medicine a Dr at one of those walk in places prescribed for me. I guess my saving grace was that he had already prescribed me predinsone too. The E.R. Dr would not come out and directly say it was an allergic reaction but when the discharge nurse came in I was told not to take that cough syrup anymore and to go and get this other cough medication filled and use that.

I guess the Dr was too busy with other patients...I could hear a 15 yo "had taken to much medication" and they were telling him/her they needed to put him/her on a ventilator to breath for him/her. I did hear them saying over and over not to fight them and that he/she was okay because they were in a hospital. I heard lots of sucking noises like the "Mr. Thirsty" at the dentist and many mentions of vomit. I think they were trying to keep the poor kid from aspirating it. I can't imagine the fear the parents were going through. Then another code red was called after. So...guess that's why the Dr never came back.

Anyway "somebody" set the alarm in the boys room for 7:30 am (neither will admit to it), we only got 3 hours of sleep. Okay that should read "I" only got 3 hours. Dh's lazy butt is still in bed. I did need another nebulizer treatment so I did that while the boys bounced off the walls. I was going to lay on the couch but the younger boy decided he was tired but didn't want to go back to bed. The little princess is still sleeping thank goodness. She will make the day pure hell if she doesn't get enough sleep.

So hopefully lazy butt will get up soon, I want a shower and I want to lay down. Okay maybe not really lay down, recline in the recliner so I don't choke to death on the lovely stuff my sinuses are trying to kill me with. Have I mentioned I hate pollen? I haven't had asthma issues this bad since 1996.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh and we spent money yesterday...

We bought the boys a bunk bed set. They have been begging for one. And finally a headboard/footboard deal for our bed. We've never had that. Our mattress/boxspring has always been on that cheap metal frame they give you when you buy them. With the mattress topper on there it comes up over my waist. And I have to use a stool to get in the darn bed!

I am looking into those bed steps but geesh, they are expensive. I like the look of them but I think a wally world/target wood stool would work just the same.

Mother's Day...

was very interesting to say the least. I got flowers on Saturday. Mixed roses and mums (or maybe daisys?) all yellow. Very pretty. Yesterday I got soaps, lotions, candles and so on from the kids. Hubby bought me a coconut bra and a grass skirt. I kid you not! I joked with him that he forgot the lei (?sp).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday madness

I forgot to wash J's ball uniform. He had a game on Thursday night and the white pants of course got all dirty and I'm sure his shirt was just as dirty but being red it's hard to tell so I had to wash them (separately of course so he wouldn't have pink pants). They are now drying and I need to get everything else done and feed the kids so we can run to the ball park.

Remind me again why I sign the kids up for activities? Oh yeah, they like them. I feel so rushed to get to them only to stand there while they have fun.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I hate being sick...

damn pollen. I hate you, too bad you're necessary to have all the beautiful trees and flowers. I sound like a frog when I talk and I feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest. I just want to take a good deep breath and I can't.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well gee

Monday, February 19, 2007

I feel so blah

I don't know how to bring myself out of this funk. I guess it's too much stress and not enough sleep. Doesn't help the kids have to be so loud and full of energy. It's too cold and icy outside still for them to go out and burn off a lot of the energy they have. It's supposed to warm up enough to rain either Tuesday or Wednesday so maybe after that we can get outside for some real playing.

Still don't know if we're going to move or not. Gives me no motivation to even care about the house. All I see is piles of junk that just bring me down further. And the worst part, not that much of it's mine. Tons and Tons of kids stuff and so many of hubby's various part time projects. I wish he could just pick one hobby and stick to it, but leave it to him to want diversity.

I think after I do the laundry today I'll go and finish that thread project I was crocheting. It was nearly done, just need to do a couple of more rows and block it. I hope it turns out, he he.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Well Gee,

I'm so tired

Last night was the first night in over 2 years that I've actually stayed in bed all night long. And I'm still tired. Probably doesn't help I've had a low grade fever for a couple of days now. Darn germs that the kids so generously share!

Looks like we might be moving (again!) But I'll just leave it at that for now.