Friday, May 18, 2007

I swear I don't think I can go a week without

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What a fun night...


Most of it was spent in the E.R. with the entire family while I had a bad reaction to a cough medicine a Dr at one of those walk in places prescribed for me. I guess my saving grace was that he had already prescribed me predinsone too. The E.R. Dr would not come out and directly say it was an allergic reaction but when the discharge nurse came in I was told not to take that cough syrup anymore and to go and get this other cough medication filled and use that.

I guess the Dr was too busy with other patients...I could hear a 15 yo "had taken to much medication" and they were telling him/her they needed to put him/her on a ventilator to breath for him/her. I did hear them saying over and over not to fight them and that he/she was okay because they were in a hospital. I heard lots of sucking noises like the "Mr. Thirsty" at the dentist and many mentions of vomit. I think they were trying to keep the poor kid from aspirating it. I can't imagine the fear the parents were going through. Then another code red was called after. So...guess that's why the Dr never came back.

Anyway "somebody" set the alarm in the boys room for 7:30 am (neither will admit to it), we only got 3 hours of sleep. Okay that should read "I" only got 3 hours. Dh's lazy butt is still in bed. I did need another nebulizer treatment so I did that while the boys bounced off the walls. I was going to lay on the couch but the younger boy decided he was tired but didn't want to go back to bed. The little princess is still sleeping thank goodness. She will make the day pure hell if she doesn't get enough sleep.

So hopefully lazy butt will get up soon, I want a shower and I want to lay down. Okay maybe not really lay down, recline in the recliner so I don't choke to death on the lovely stuff my sinuses are trying to kill me with. Have I mentioned I hate pollen? I haven't had asthma issues this bad since 1996.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh and we spent money yesterday...

We bought the boys a bunk bed set. They have been begging for one. And finally a headboard/footboard deal for our bed. We've never had that. Our mattress/boxspring has always been on that cheap metal frame they give you when you buy them. With the mattress topper on there it comes up over my waist. And I have to use a stool to get in the darn bed!

I am looking into those bed steps but geesh, they are expensive. I like the look of them but I think a wally world/target wood stool would work just the same.

Mother's Day...

was very interesting to say the least. I got flowers on Saturday. Mixed roses and mums (or maybe daisys?) all yellow. Very pretty. Yesterday I got soaps, lotions, candles and so on from the kids. Hubby bought me a coconut bra and a grass skirt. I kid you not! I joked with him that he forgot the lei (?sp).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday madness

I forgot to wash J's ball uniform. He had a game on Thursday night and the white pants of course got all dirty and I'm sure his shirt was just as dirty but being red it's hard to tell so I had to wash them (separately of course so he wouldn't have pink pants). They are now drying and I need to get everything else done and feed the kids so we can run to the ball park.

Remind me again why I sign the kids up for activities? Oh yeah, they like them. I feel so rushed to get to them only to stand there while they have fun.

Friday, May 11, 2007

I hate being sick...

damn pollen. I hate you, too bad you're necessary to have all the beautiful trees and flowers. I sound like a frog when I talk and I feel like I have an elephant sitting on my chest. I just want to take a good deep breath and I can't.