Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Counters are done!

and here's what we have so far...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm in so much pain right now and

the fever and chills are not helping. I go to the Dr this afternoon (earliest appointment I could get even after mentioning how sick I am!). I think my UTI has spread to my kidneys. I just pray she doesn't want to put me in the hospital. Hubby took the afternoon off yesterday while I passed out on the couch from the fever. It was 102 inspite of taking tylenol and ibuprofen and I had the chills so bad which contined all night long.

Although he already has over 30 hours in for the week he can't take off much more because he's smack in the middle of a CDR. Ugh, why does this have to happen when things are so hectic. I can't do much. Sitting, moving, lying down anything at all hurts so bad.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Just a few pictures of my work in progress...

I started out with painting our kitchen a pastel sage (looks like celery green to me), since the grayish green that was on the walls when we bought the house made the kitchen look dark. I planned on putting up a ceramic backsplash (thanks to my online friend Josie for suggesting it) to tie in the gray countertop with the walls to tie everything together. Well found out we're probably going to be moving within a year so I found a wall paper boarder that was nearly identical to the tiles. And much cheaper I may add, lol. So get all the painting done finally after stopping while fighting allergies, bronchitis, several double ear infections and some serious asthma issues that landed me in the E.R.

So the darn faucet starts leaking. No problem they are easy to replace, right?!? Not if it's rusted to the sink. Okay, solution buy a sink, the tiny cheap stainless one in there wouldn't be a big draw for a potential buyer anyway. Well, the darn sink was glued down to the countertop with something hard instead of being placed down with silicone. Only problem was that hubby didn't know and when he tried to lift the sink out he ripped two large areas of laminate up on both sides of the sink. Now the countertop that I hated and worked so hard to tie into the decor is ruined. Sigh!, it's costing a fortune to put new counters in.

I hope it doesn't mess up the paint and wall paper boarder I put in! I guess the paper is cheap enough I can get more to replace it if it does. And I have some paint left so I won't have to worry about it not matching. I was going to use it to paint the kids bathroom but I found a can of Whoops paint for like $7 that would work in there just fine. If you're looking for paint and aren't sure you want to commit look at the whoops paint...it's cheap and if you don't like it you can repaint without a ton of money being put out. Countertop people come out Friday to do the template then I'll be countertopless and sinkless in the kitchen for weeks until they get the countertop in and made. You'd think they'd keep stuff in stock but I guess they don't. Not looking forward to the mess but it better look nice after since I wasn't planning to sink all that money into the kitchen.

Here is the kitchen on the day we bought the house
Here's what it looks like right now with broken countertops Okay should have taken the pictures at the same time of day. Actually the first one was taken by the realtor.

Sink before and after

I also changed the handles on the cabinets since the were outdated and another online friend suggested I change them.

Before and after of the cabinet hardware

And one more a closer look at the wall colors before and after
Well I can't really tell from the pictures here it's changed, lol...but it has. The kitchen is so much brighter now. The grayish green was a bit of a mood dampener I think. The color I painted the kitchen in was Behr's Pastel Sage if you wanted to look it up on their website.