Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Only 17 more days

and not that I look forward to surgery but I'm so looking forward to getting better. I've been sick and in pain since July. I've had enough!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm dreading going to bed even

though I'm dog tired. I hurt so bad and am so sick to my stomach in the mornings. I hate it. I'll be so glad when this is all over. Darn antibiotics are not doing me good. I hope it's doing the same thing to the bacteria camped out in my kidney.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is getting so very old...

I'm tired of hurting. I'm tired of taking meds that make me so sick that I literally fall down. Sunday I fell and hit the fire extinguisher and set it off. What a mess. I couldn't even clean it up. I had to ask hubby to do it while I crawled to the couch and laid there. I felt like I couldn't get enough of a deep breath in, I was so dizzy and queasy. Then when the dizziness passed I was having wierd fast heart beats like I had been running. I had been completely still and not moved an inch for two hours.

The pain is really bad now, so I hope the stone is passing! That would be great not to have surgery. The 4 1/2 day stay in the hospital was over $12K of which we had to pay 20% of. That hurt our savings account. Dh was trying to build it up for a rainy day. You never know these days when lay offs will come. Honestly with his skills and intelligence he has no worries. He's good at what he does even if he's hard on himself. But that's what you get when you're a type A personality.

The boys are being big turkeys and I don't know why or what to do about it. I've taken away every priviledge within reason so they can earn them back but that's not working. They just turn into a mass of crying screaming fools. They've been having tantrums worse than their 2 year old sister! Sigh! They are going to bed super early all this week to see if it's partly from being tired. I guess school takes a lot out of you.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

This is for you Julie! Sleep Study...

I had a sleep study done at the end of June. I went in on a Friday night and left on Saturday morning. When I got there the nurses were arguing over whose patient I was going to be. I guess it was a slow night because they both wanted to be my nurse.

Anyway they took me to a room that looked like a cheap hotel room with cameras and lots of electronic boxes. There was a huge TV there so I just sat and watched some game show while I waited for them.

The one nurse came in and started combing my hair around and writing on my scalp with a colored pencil it wasn't comfortable. In fact the next day I had sores that scabbed over where she wrote on me. Anyway from there she put some goopy stuff that was like thick vaseline on my scalp where she wrote and then attached wires to me. I had wires all over my scalp, by my eyes, by my jaws, on my legs, on my chest. Then all the wires were attached to a smaller box that was wired into a bigger box. I could be unplugged from the larger box and wear the smaller one around my neck to go to the bathroom. The entire time she was attaching wires to me (about an hour) she was explaining how people were supposed to sleep to get a good night's sleep. No snoring, no apnea and so forth. And why so many people were so tired the next day.

So when she was done, she left telling me she'd be back in a few minutes. So I watched TV and crocheted a blanket I'm making as a Christmas gift. An hour later they came over the intercom and asked me if I was ready for bed since I had put my stuff away and turned off the TV still waiting for the nurse to come back. So they came in and attached wires to the inside of my nose. Not fun! Then left to give me directions over the intercom to calibrate the machines.

Sleeping was not comfortable until I figured I could move the box of wires so I could lay on my side. I kept waking up hearing doors slamming. And I woke up pretty early, it was barely light out, but I couldn't tell you what time it was since they didn't have a clock in the room. They calibrated the machine again and told me they would be right in to remove the wires.

A while later they came in, I guess about 20 mintues...seemed like forever! Then removed the wires, while talking the entire time. The nurse was excited we had lived in Chandler, where her God son just opened up a big Dental practice and her one son went to the same college my husband did and her other son went to the college I went to. So she had me there for another hour talking about that and showing me her God Son's Website. And talking about how she's going to visit.

I finally had to tell her I had to get home to feed my kids breakfast. Which I didn't, since hubby fed them. But darn I wanted a shower to get that electrode goop out of my hair. It would not wash out btw! It took 3 days of washing my hair 2X a day to get it out. Until then I walked around looking greasy like I hadn't washed my hair.

I STILL don't have the results from the sleep study. Dr quack was supposed to have one of her college kids that were working in the office call. I'm going to ask today if the results got there yet. I also need to ask her why I still have knots in my veins from the IV's I had in the hospital a month ago. They are sensitive when I bump them or the kids grab them.

Went to the Specialist on Monday

Basically I should not be in this much pain so the Dr shrugged his shoulders refused to give me pain medication. Told me to take Ibuprofin and use a heating pad. That's what I've been doing for the past month plus. I'm up to four tablets every 6 hours and they don't even take the edge off the pain so it's not even worth taking them. Surgery is supposed to be scheduled for 6 weeks from now to make sure the kidney's don't have any signs of infection. I don't get that since the urine test they did in the office said there was no bacteria.

I go to my regular quack today. So we'll see if the cat scan gone horribly wrong will show anything else. I didn't post it here but they couldn't get an IV in to run the dye. Poked me hard 3 times. Finally got it into a tiny vein and and about 30 seconds after they started the dye the vein blew. I had a knot the size of a softball in the crease of my elbow and up my arm by mid afternoon. Boy it hurt but not as bad as the pain I have in my ribs and back. My arm was ok but a little swollen and very badly bruised (still has some bruising!) the next day.

I'm just so tired of hurting. It's been over a month and neither the Urologist or my Dr think I should be in this much pain so no pain medication. I don't get it. Not like I go in asking for it all the time. I'm in pain damn it! I guess they are leary because this area is full of people that are on illegal drugs. I guess they think I want it for the wrong purposes. But I don't! I can't go another six weeks in pain. It's affecting my life, it's affecting my family's life. I can't do much, when I start hurting so bad I can't go on I have to rest. Now tell me how that's fair?!?

First Day of School

I couldn't get a good picture of this one because he was distracted. But he's now a First Grader!

And Christoph is in PreK and says he likes it but won't tell me what he did in class.

And then one of Kerstin because she wanted me to take her picture. She picked the outfit, including the hat (princesses of course)! LOL