Monday, October 29, 2007

I need someone to come take this elephant

off of my chest! Darn cold is messing with my asthma in a bad way. I STILL have a sore throat. Funny thing is I took a flashlight and looked at it today and the tonsils are very swollen but nothing is red. So why does it hurt so much?

I've been using my albuterol so much more than normal. I've been having many asthma attacks a day as opposed to like one or two a month. I'm so not happy. I don't want to go on prednisone again. I think that's what caused the kidney stone/infection issues. Ugh, please go away germs! All three kids are still coughing a lot. It's been over a week so by the end of the week if they haven't started clearing up I'll make them appointments with the Dr.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Man oh man did anyone get the tag number

of that truck that hit me? I got up this morning feeling like a truck hit me. My throat is so sore I can barely swallow water. My neck hurts, my side hurts and middle and lower back hurts. Thanks kids! You shared your nasty germs with mommy! I hope it doesn't move into my chest. I don't need that on top of my asthma which has been flaring up a lot more latley. Could be because I was coming down with this crud. Good grief my head hurts so bad I can't even look down without so much pressure. Sitting upright it feels like a vice is on it as it is. I took some ibuprofen and sudafed. The good kind I had left over before they ruined it by making the PE formula. What the heck does PE stand for any way? It doesn't work for me whatever it is. I already have zyrtec in me but my nose would not stop running and I can't run around with a tissue up to my nose all day.

I'm still going to walk my mile today come hell or high water. Speaking of which I hope the next batch of rain holds off long enough for my preK kiddo to finish his field trip. It's so chilly and wet out that I bet all of those kiddos are popsicles by now. It was to an orchard so I know they are outside.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rain, rain, and more rain...

it's a nice change but it's so blah outside.

My treadmill is fixed now, yay! So after I pick up the last muchkin at school I'll hope on and walk for a while.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Ten...

Ten things I'd like to get rid of ...

1. Half the junk in our house.

2. Our pool, it's a money pit.

3. Half of the kids toys, but they always notice when I try to thin them out. Then they want what I've taken away back.

4. The old towels in our linen closet but that would mean buying new ones, lol

5. The old bedframe from the boys beds. They got bunk beds almost a year ago and I still don't know where to put the frame or the boxsprings so for the time being it's set up like a daybed so they can sit on it and read and play. It does take up too much of their bedroom though.

6. All of the old yucky plastic cups the kids use. I'm tempted to replace them with paper cups until they can used real glass, lol. I'm tired of the plastic ones jummping from the cabinet all the time.

7. All of the boys old out grown shoes from the summr. I think I'll do that today!

8. All of the clothes in my dresser I never wear. It's all old and stained. Time for some new ones! Maybe I'll toss some of the yucky shirts I wear when I'm painting.

9. Tossing some of the shoes I don't wear because they were cheap and hurt my feet. Another thing I can do today!

10. Tossing some of the papers the kids have brought home so far this year. I've been keeping them in little plastic bins but they are getting full. I'll keep the art stuff and toss the school work.


I don't know what is wrong with me. I was soooo tired this morning and my ribs where they did the lithotripsy and my lower back hurt so bad I nearly had to crawl from the bed to the bathroom. I guess I could be still sore from the procedure since I still have the bruise from the IV site. I just want to feel half human again. I guess I could also be getting sick. All three kids are sick and they aren't too stingy with sharing germs.

James had his first field trip of the year. It's at a Christmas tree farm of all things. I guess it got by the censors or something because everything else at school is secularlized. Fall Festivial, Winter Harvest Festival and so on. I don't mind seculaization, but they do it selectively. They do dreidals (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and they do Kwaanzaa (sorry again if that's spelled wrong) things but they cut out all references to Christmas. Come on be fair, if you're going to do the others do Christmas too or cut them all out all together. I love that my kids learn different things from various cultures and faiths but don't cut ours out too for offending. I'm offended that Christianity has been cut out. Combine it and make it fair or don't do it at all. You know?!?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Not much longer

then my oldest will have his 7th birthday. He's so excited he's about to burst! I've already gotten little treat bags with cheap toys that he will share with his classmates at school. What a bummer to have school on you birthday, lol. He's off the next two days after so it's all good.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I'm so bummed...

They called yesterday about my procedure. I'm going to be put under for it. I was told I would be awake. I don't want to have the anesthesia. It makes me puke when I wake up, then I get those nasty dry heaves the rest of the day. I am so not looking forward to that. I hate to puke! But then again I don't think I know anyone that enjoys it.

The kids...well what can I say about them, they've been super duper stinkers. Christoph is even getting in trouble in school daily. Yesterday he wrote on the floor with his pencil. I marched him back in to clean it up but they had already made him clean it up. Monday he got upset they gave popcorn for the snack so he laid on the floor pouting and possibly whining. Well the teacher turned around and ran into him and he has a slight bruise on his forhead from that. He didn't cry though. He won't stay in his seat and tells her "No" when she asks him to do his work. I give him time outs for his bad behavior and treats when he has good days. It just seems there's more bad days lately and he thinks getting into trouble is funny. He will sit there and smirk at me when I'm yelling at him for hitting his sister in the head with a thrown toy. He has smacked at me, he pushes his brother, screams and yells a loud as he can and laughs about it. Don't get me on the toys. Let's just say that after this afternoon if all of the kids don't get involved and pick them up, I will take care of them for good.

I hurt so much so if I have to get on my hands and knees to pick up they are gone! Gone for good. Dh says I'm not being fair. I've been asking them, yelling at them, and punishing them for WEEKS for not cleaning up. They just dump more and more out. Then walk on them, throw them around and generally just don't play with them. It seems like toys just need to be out not played with.

I've taken computers and TV away for the week. I'm enjoying the quiet. They don't watch TV anyway they just have it on in the background just wasting electricity.

We had an early meeting at the school today. Kerstin was good and sat there with a pencil and crayons and wrote on her paper. Christoph, well the boy was caughht sticking a pencil in an electrical outlet. I looked over and my instinct came out...I yelled "Christoph Alexander" right there in front of the three teachers in the room. I think either I scared the one, or the thought of him sticking the pencil in the outlet scared her. But that's just one example of the things he does all day long. He's just constantly looking for bad things to do. The little snot smiled about it when I got up during the meeting and removed the pencil from his hands and moved his chair away from the outlet. I just don't know what to do with him anymore. I'm giving him one on one time thinking it's a cry for attention, but he's behaving worse. Time outs don't bother him, taking privledges away does not bother him. Going to bed early doesn't bother him. I just don't know what to do next. I'm just so tired. :(