Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's been wet and gray outside

for so long I think I have forgotten what the sun looks like! Today it is raining/snowing/sleeting/freezing name it we have it. Not a fun day to be outside.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Frogpond Badge

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

And no she didn't nap again!

I went up to check on her and she looked like she could fall asleep. So I go back at the one hour mark and she's sitting there asking me if she could get up. Where's a roll eyes picture when I need one?

Wow that wind is cold!

It's 38F here today but it feels so much colder with the wind. It's strong wind too. Yesterday it knocked the kids jungle climber right over. I can't even lift the darn thing because it's so heavy. The van doesn't like the wind either, it was a struggle to stay in my own lane on the open highway. I could feel the van being pushed the entire way.

Good day so far though (mostly). I took the middle kiddo to school and then ran the oldest to the dentist. He didn't have to have the one tooth pulled (yet) they want to wait some more to see if it comes out on it's own before blocking the new teeth that grew in behind. Shark teeth is what we called them, lol. He had two permanent teeth come in just behind his baby teeth. The permament teeth are so big that the next baby tooth is blocking it from moving forward all the way. Well since the xray showed it did move forward some they want to wait and see. Especially since the baby tooth is still very deeply rooted. I'd rather not have it pulled if it's deeply rooted if we can help it. So I hope the bugger losens up before his checkup/cleaning in March.

Kerstin is down for a nap. First one in months. She never sleeps during naps anymore so I gave up. Well she was a snot and threw her food because I wouldn't feed her candy. My request was eat the chicken and then she could have candy so she proceded to scream and cry and toss chicken around the kitchen. I put her plate back in front of her since she shoved it and told her to stop or she would go for a nap. Well she shoved the whole plate in the floor and still carried on with a tantrum and was really pissed about "being in a baby chair" since she was in her booster so I picked her up and put her in bed and put a gate up. She screamed for a good 15 minutes but all is quiet now so I'm going to sneak up and check on her. I bet she's making a mess instead of sleeping, lol.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm not good at it but this is what I've been doing lately

Finished product (flaws included but can't be fixed at this point)


It's a gift for mil so SHHHHHH! I tried to make it close to the colors in her house so she could leave it out.