Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday to my baby boy...

He wanted me to sing Happy Birthday to him as soon as I went into his room to get him up for school. I asked him if he could wait until tonight when I had his cake ready and he agreed.

Ugh and I had so much planned to do today, both boys are home sick. Christoph has a stomach ache. The last time he told me his tummy hurt he puked the rest of the day so I figured he better stay home. James is very congested and coughing a ton so I checked his temp and he has a fever. Figures too since I need to go out for ONE ingredient for Christoph's birthday cake.

I'm so tired too, for some reason we get these calls all the time for the University Hospital. I guess people put in the wrong area code or exchange #, well anyway last night every 40 minutes the state police out of Easton MD kept calling us thinking we were the hospital. We kept telling them they were calling a home not a hospital. Not a good thing to be waken every 40 minutes especially when you see MD State Police on the caller I.D. Then this morning while I was trying to get the kids ready for school (before I decided to keep the boys home) some drunk guy from Mississippi kept calling every couple of minutes. I couldn't understand a word he was saying but he was obviously very drunk or drugged or having a stroke or something. I finally just stopped answering the phone, he can either talk to my voice mail or call someone else because telling him over and over he had the wrong number wasn't working. Yawn, I need toothpicks for my eyelids!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Would someone please come remove the lead

weights that are dragging me down? I feel so tired and like I'm dragging lead weight around all day. I don't know why because (aside from the two times hubby woke me with loud snoring) I slept. I tell you if it were not for coffee I would be asleep right now.

I've been sneaking into the kids rooms today while the 3 year old is occupied briefly and tossing junk that they don't need or removing clothing that no longer fits. I feel like I have to sneak or they would have a cow if they knew something was leaving their room. I think I'm raising pack rats. The keep everything, even labels they've peeled off of boxes. I don't know what the fascination is but it's gone and hopefully they won't notice. Next step is to thin out some of the stuffed animal populations in their rooms and beds. I won't out right toss those. I would feel guilty. I'll remove them and hide them in hopes they won't notice and won't ask. If they don't notice the fluffy stuffed critter can go.

Then to start on their play room. I really honestly don't know why they have a play room. They pull the toys out to every other room of the house but never really stay in that room to play. Maybe I'll take it over and make myself a den. I don't have a place that's all my own. Every woman should have a place to sit for 5 minutes alone, right?!?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm such a clutz

It's was below freezing this morning and the van was covered in ice so I went out to warm the old girl up before we hopped in and ran to school....well I slipped on a patch of ice that I swear I could not see and fell and pulled something in my neck and smashed my finger so hard it split open in a couple of places. I didn't go all the way down though because that would have not been fun since I was on steps and there is black top at the bottom. I wish I weren't so clumbsy!

Monday, January 14, 2008


I'm so tired. I felt like I worked my tush off this weekend and have nothing to show for it. Doesn't help that driving to PA for church then back takes up half a day. I'm not too sure what I think about the church yet. It's so modern. Coffee bar, musicians (and I'm not talking an organist). They have a full band complete with singers who play and sing for 30 minutes before the sermon. I'm not too sure what to think about the minister yet but so far the sermon's have been excellent and very thought provoking. He even has them record them to CD if you want to listen to it again. Their website even has them for down loading. Then gosh, all the mulitmedia stuff with large screens all over so you can see the songs (which I'm not convinced are hymns yet, lol) and the scriptures that are being used. There are screens out in the front by the large coffee bar and large leather couches and chairs. I may just use one of those chairs the next time because the "band" as I refer to it is so LOUD. Doesn't help I've had a cronic sinus headache since before Christmas.

Then, gosh the children's church and Sunday Schools. I don't know what to think of those either. The kids must wear badges and stay in the rooms at all times. There is "security" to make sure the kids aren't in the halls without a teacher and the parent (namely me) holds on to another badge so that I can retrieve the kids after services. And if there is a problem and they need a parent to come to the child during the service they display the number in the corner of the screen so you can quietly sneak out and see what your child needs. So far none of my three have needed me. Heck they don't want to leave after, they have a lot of fun. Kerstin was in the nursery but since she turned 3 she decided she wanted to go to the 3-4 year old rooms. So now she's in the same class as Christoph. I really think the nursery was all play though so she may change her mind. Although she did like doing the crafts they did along with the lesson they had. James goes to the K-2nd grade group and says he loves it too.

Oh and gosh last night about 20 after 12 I heard this great big THUD and a lot of crying. Christoph had fallen out of the top bunk! We put an icepack on him and checked him over but all he wanted to do was get back in bed and sleep. I was so scared that he had a concussion that I kept getting up and rousing him from his sleep every so often. The poor kid had dark circles under his eyes from lack of sleep this morning. He was all smiles and eating normally. He also said that his head didn't hurt this morning. He was looking for "Huna" so he says when he fell out. Huna is his raindeer webkinz he got for Christmas. It was right in the bed with him so I don't know how he went OVER the rail. He's been in the top bunk for over a year without falling out so I don't get it. And yeah I know the older child should be in the top but they actually had an argument of sorts over it when we bought the bunk beds. Christoph really wanted the top and James really wanted the bottom. How they could turn that into an argument I don't know but they did, lol.