Tuesday, June 24, 2008


She was the neighbor's cat. She came over nearly everyday for two years to nap all day on our deck. Then she'd go home for dinner and come back the next day. She was a total sweet heart and learned quickly not to try to come in. I'd pet her and give her a good scratch behind the ear which she loved and then I would run in and wash my hands (We're VERY allergic to cats).

Anyway one evening when I was cooking I had the sliding door open and she was making these odd noises like she was in pain or something. I stepped out there to check on her and she meowed and purred when I pet her. Then she went home. In the morning she was in my deck chair per her normal routine. Later that day when it got really hot she moved down in our back yard by the fence. It was nice and shady there.

I didn't think anything of it because she had been doing that for a few days and would go home later. That night a fox was out by my fence barking and barking (who knew they did that?) and I ran it off after a couple hours of it. It was pitch black so I couldn't see anything. The next morning when I got up to go to the bathroom I saw something brown out there on the ground. I didn't have my glasses on so I grabbed them to see. I thought maybe the fox was curled up there asleep and would run when I opened the door. It didn't move and I walked over to see it was the cat. She was breathing but couldn't lift her head up and she was shaking. It was really cool that night.

I ran over to the neighbor's house and there was this HUGE orange cat on their steps. I thought it was hissing at me at first but it was just trying to breath. It is so fat is can't breath! Anyway he didn't answer but I knew he was home since the garage to his antique cars was open. So I ran over to the other neighbors (still in my PJ's, lol) to see if she had their phone number. She yell's down since the front door was open that she'd be right there as soon as she put her shirt on. She had just gotten out of the shower. I called and left a message and was going to hop in the shower so I could run the cat to the vet since I figured the neighbor went out for coffee or something. But he came over right away to get the cat.

His girlfriend (the cat's owner) had been looking for the cat all night. They took the cat to the vet but she didn't make it. She was 17 years old and had some sezures in the past. The sad part is every morning out of habit I look out on the deck to see if Angela has come over for her all day nap.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Next week the work begins

for the kids that is. Both boys brought home these homework packets they need to complete and turn in on the first day of school. The oldest's includes writing 3 times a week. What fun huh?

So I need to buy him a journal so it can all stay together. I figured at least this week they could be bums. Just do whatever and not have a schedule to stick to. Then back to more structure. They desereve some vacation from school I think. I'm not going to push the homework everyday like the school thinks we should. It's their summer break for cripes sakes. I never had homework over the summer as a kid. Not that I didn't read and learn. I LOVED to read and would pick out words I wasn't familiar with and I would look them up, learn to spell them and how to use them in a sentence.

I think my kids are the same way. They love to ask questions and learn things. Right now the oldest is into a lot of math questions. My math isn't that strong which is sad but the truth. As it is my 3 year old can recite the alphabet and recgonize most of them when I ask her what a certain letter is. And gosh the vacabuary with which that little girl speaks with blows my mind. She's way ahead of both boys I think. But I've been told girls talk a lot. I don't know how that is because ALL of my kids talk from the time the get up until they go to sleep.

Some days the talking constantly drives me out of my mind. Both boys, the first thing they do when they wake up is talk VERY loudly. Odd sentences of any type will come out. Then they will wake the sleeping brother up to say something. Heck the first thing I do when I wake up is get up and go to the potty,lol. Then I NEED coffee! Then maybe I can talk.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

Hubby is still out of town and not feeling 100%. Child #2 fell and punctured his scalp and I was not pleased with the care he got at the local ER. They were mostly concerned if he was up to date on his shots and that the bleeding had stopped. They didn't examine him or ask him if he had a headache or nausea or anything. They didn't even clean up the wound. Just told me to give him ibuprofen and sent us on our way.

It's the last day of school and he wanted to go. He's only going to be there for 2 hours anyway. I went in and talked to the nurse and she was going to talk to the teacher and pop in and check on him every so often. We have an appointment to see his Dr a bit later. Something in my gut says to get someone I trust to look it over. I guess I'm being too cautious but he's my snuggly baby boy. Okay so not so snuggly he likes to wrestle and rough house but he still gives the best hugs without you even having to ask for one. I have to ask my oldest for hugs all the time because he's too busy for that kind of stuff. Soon he'll be too old for hugs from mom.

So off to the school to get kiddo #2 then lunch then back to school to get #1 then rush off to the Dr like a mad woman since we'll only have 15 minutes to get there. Maybe I can pull #1 out early but I'd hate to do that to him on his last day. I know they are having a blast and he already gets out early as it is.

And then later today I'll have to explain to the kids that one of the pet fish died. Poor Elmo hadn't been right for a couple of weeks so I kind of expected it but with running to the ER last night I forgot to feed the fish and the poor fish didn't get his last meal. :(

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I've been reminded many times that there is only one

more day after today. The boys are ready for a break from school. I bet after two weeks they'll be ready to go back.

I FIANLLY got a hold of my Dr's office who appologized over and over about the order for my test not being at the lab. It is gauranteed to be there today so I can go tomorrow. So we'll see. I already went ahead and made an appointment with the Dr anyway so I don't have to try to get in. I'm still waiting for new Dr's to call me back. They aren't accepting new patients or I have to wait a month or even two because I would be a "new" patient. I'm trying to beg one of them to let me in ASAP but so far no luck. And then there would be no gaurantee that they would be any good. I really have not had good luck with Dr's in this area at all. They may have gone to med school but boy they suck rotten eggs! I must get all the near flunkies or something. :(

Dh is sick so positive thoughts and prayers if you can spare them would be appreciated. He's in a lot of pain and can barely walk and working so many hours. The Dr sent him back to his room yesterday because just looking at him she knew he wasn't feeling well. They tested him for Lyme, Staph, Strep and R.A. but the tests aren't back yet. They have him on a lot of meds treating for Staph just in case. I guess they wanted to get a jump on it if it were the case. Hopefully it's nothing serious. In the back of my mind I keep thinking it's something related to Desert Storm. He inhaled so many chemicals from the SCUD explosions. Or even some kind of Desert bug or virus, those can be pretty bad and not show up for years. Sigh!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Four more days...

the boys are counting down. In fact the middle child begged to stay home from school today. I said no of course, lol. After how loud they were this weekend I was ready for some peace in the house for a couple of hours. Heck he only goes to school for less than 3 hours as it is. And what do they do? Play more than anything. So why stay home and drive mommy looney when you can go and have fun with friends then come home for lunch. Sounds good to me, in fact can I go to preK?