Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yawn! Last night was horrible for sleep.

I start to fall asleep and Kerstin started calling me. She wouldn't tell me what she wanted then actually told me SHHHH! Little stinker! Then once I got relaxed enough to sleep my cell phone rings, drunk dial! UGH! So I go lay back down and within minutes Kerstin is up puking all over her bed and herself. So I sit her in the tub with water running but no plug in and start cleaning her bed up. Dh (who is home for the weekend) gets up and gives her a bath while I clean the hall floor and such. Then he goes back to bed as I'm trying to dry her off. For some reason I left her in the tub to dry her, I usually take her out and dry her.

So then she starts puking again and a lot all over the tub. It smelled horrible! I started gagging and puking myself while trying to rinse out the tub. She's yelling at me for puking in her tub I had to laugh because she was doing the same thing. So after another bath, she's back in bed without her favorite blankie. She did not want to go to sleep and I couldn't go to sleep because I was so queasy and kept having acid reflux issues. So I stayed up for a few more hours watching late night TV (note to self, keep some decent DVD's by the TV upstairs!).

I finally went to bed at 3 am and she was up crying again but thankfully she just had to pee so she went right back to sleep. I took so tylenol pm because I wasn't tired at all by this point. Go back to bed, and guess what?!? Drunk person calls back . So at 7 am I hear James up, he goes and watches TV for 10 minutes then comes in on my side of the bed and very loudly announces he wants breakfast. I tell him I'll be up in a few minutes (but that was a lie, lol). Dh gets up and takes both boys downstairs after he makes himself a cup of coffee. The coffee maker is rather noisy! So I drag myself out of bed at almost 8 am and do the bad mommy thing and feed the boys pop tarts. I feel like poo today and my stomach is still in knots from all the acid issues, even after taking some Prilosec.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Don't mind me

but I need to scream. ARGHHHHHHH! That is all.

Friday, July 11, 2008

So the NP at the ped's office

says Fifth's disease. Also that when the kid is hot that it gets really red like his was. To make it twice as nice his baby sister had red cheeks by the time we got there so she has it too. They aren't contagious now but they look silly and the rash can last up to 6 weeks! Good thing it doesn't itch because if it did, OMGosh the scratching that would be going on here would be maddening.

Ever see anything like this?

We're off to the ped right after lunch!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tomorrow ought to be, ummm

interesting! I called my OB/GYN for an appointment to go over my UTI issues. I had 2 postive tests with those at home test kits for UTI's. So they want to do my yearly too which really wouldn't be an issue but I'll have al 3 kids with me. I can so see them under the sheet with the Dr asking her what she is doing.

Something isn't right...

tell me why I can't get a Dr to take me seriously?!? I don't want pain pills or more antibiotics I want to feel human again. Why can't they listen to me and help me? I'm so miserable I want to cry. And if I believe the symptoms I read on the internet (insert a pic of myself rolling my eyes) I could be either having kidney stone issues again or even kidney failure. I can't even get a Dr to send me for a x-ray to make sure it's not even a stone. Short of going to med school and getting educated to diagnose and treat myself I just don't know what to do any more. I'm pretty sure I have ANOTHER UTI which I seem to get the week after a/f leaves, but I can't get anyone to treat that either. I'm off to the drug store soon to buy one of those test kits so I can be sure then I'll run to the Walk in place and hope they don't give me meds that kill me, lol.