Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day of school

James started school on Monday (for some reason in this county preK and K start a few days later)



He likes to get stiff and make funny faces at the camera so I never have any great smiling pictures. I think the sun may have been in his eyes but I dunno for sure.

This was taken by someone at the school and I stole it off of their website. I figured I was entitled since it has my son in it, LOL.


And on the first day of school the other two and I went to Wal-mart to grocery shop. Fun stuff always.


And today (Thursday) Christoph started his first day of all day class, five days a week.


Not sure what he was doing but it was better than the first one I took...

And of course little Miss Take a picture of MEEEEEEEEE! had to get in on the act


She had to pose for more pictures when she got home. This one cracked me up because I have no idea where she would have gotten an idea to pose like this (I never would have thought of it at three!)


Also if you look closely you'll see the boys have the same shirt on. Yes it is the same exact shirt not a copy. They both wear the same size clothes so I'm always asking who belongs to what shirt. Well the last time Christoph told me it was James' so I put in into James' drawer and that's what he picked to wear to school on the first day. Yesterday I washed and folded the kids clothes and this shirt was in there. I pulled out another one and asked Christoph if he wanted to wear it on his first day. No, because it wasn't his. Okay, then I tell him to pick out the shirt he wants to wear. He grabs the one James had wore on Monday. I say that's your brothers shirt, only to be corrected that it's not! Anyway that's the shirt he decided to wear on his first day.

Here's hoping that he has a great first full day of school. I'm just worried he's going to be tired. He doesn't do well when he gets tired so I hope he holds it together.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My night and morning...

Felt sick and laid down at 9 pm
9pm, 9:01 pm, 9:02 pm and on and on James keeps getting out of bed with created issues.

9:10 pm Hubby calls. He had just gotten out of the shower because he had to be back to work at 11pm (He went in at 3 am!).

9:30 pm
finally convinced dh to get off the phone and go get dinner and coffee so I could get some sleep.

10 pm hear one on the kids coughing, get up to check all sleeping.

11 pm wake up very thirsty so I get up and get some water.

11:20 wake up having to pee

12 am
still awake!

1 am dozing off to hear "mommy, mooooommmmmy, MOOOOMMMMY!" in the span of half a second. I couldn't get my feet from under the sheet to the floor in enough time for her I guess.

1:01 am
told she need to pee and she proceeded to have a screaming tantrum because I wouldn't turn on every light from here to China. (not to mention she has two lights on in her room at that time and I turned on our low light over head lights in the bathroom but she wanted ALL of them on so that the light would burn my retnas to oblivion.

1:02 am
Another screaming tantrum because the bed is wet but I didn't know that because she just went into the tantrum that lasts 5 minutes to which I proceeded to scream at her to stop whining and use words. (not my finest moment!).

1:07 am fresh bedding on the bed and all tucked in.

1:07:32 am laying down in my bed to hear "Mommy, I need to tell you something". I go back to her door way and she asks if she can wear her purple dress in the morning. I reply yeah, now go to sleep.

1:08 am lay back down to hear her scream she had to poop. Only my bathroom was the only one good enough. She goes in for 20 seconds and comes back out not having to go after all.

1:09 am back in bed.

1:10 am "mommy, moooommmmy, mooooooooooommmmmmmmmy" ( I go back and she asks me about dreams and I tell her to have a good princess dream)

1:12 am "mommy, moooommmmy, mooooooooooommmmmmmmmy" (I go back and she asks me about MY dreams) I tell her it's hard to have dreams when little people don't let you sleep)

1:14 am "mommy, moooommmmy, mooooooooooommmmmmmmmy" I go to the door way and sternly say goodnight.

1:16 am "mommy, moooommmmy, mooooooooooommmmmmmmmy" Again I sternly tell her goodnight from my own bed when she couldn't tell me why she was calling me.

1:22 am a repeat of 1:16 am but now I'm all worked up and can't sleep so I get up and take a Tylenol pm since I was in a lot of pain and couldn't get comfy anyway.

5:26 am hubby sends text message. The rocket he was working on launched. (YAY!)

5:30 am the misdailing Russain guy that yells through the phone calls again (seems to be a daily thing since this past January or so) but today he proceeds to yell stuff at me in Russian which I don't understand so I just hung up on him. I know he's trying to call the University Hospital. All of the calls we get on our home phone that aren't from the school or from telemarketers are misdials because of one stinking number.

5:30:30 am Kerstin decides it's time to get up for the day. I tell her it's still bed time and I go back to bed.

5:31 am she has to pee again. Then back to bed.

I doze and she calls me and talks to me and asks questions but I can't remember anything other than mumbling it wasn't time to get up for the day yet.

7:15 am Russian guy calls back, I promptly hang up when I hear his voice (I figure after all these months of me telling him to dial the right number he would get it!)

James and Kerstin get up. James eats and runs down to play his computer, Kerstin burps and tells me she has to throw up, then runs down the hall and comes back crying and screaming. She wouldn't tell me where she puked but I found it when I stepped in it! Gave her a bath and she decided breakfast wasn't a good idea and I agreed.

9 am puke all over the coveted purple dress, and more tantrums because now it's runined forever and apparently mommy can't wash it. (insert a picture of me rolling my eyes).

Now I'm listening to child #2 cry because he never gets to do this or that or whatever because he broke his computer monitor a couple of days ago. Heck if I'm going to replace it right before we have to move and have it sit in storage for 2 months. He can wait until we've moved and gotten our things from storage!

Off to clean up more puke! UGH, I feel sick now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What a day! I'm so tired...

Set the alarm for the first time this summmer. The kids didn't want to get up, and they are usually up way before the time I set the alarm. I hope this isn't what I have to look forward to next week when school starts.

Anyway off to the Allergist for the second and third child to have follow up appointments. They weighed them and measured their heights. I knew that all the kids grew over the summer but Kerstin suprised me the most. She went from 20% to 50% for height and weight. She went from wearing 2T's this past May to 4T's now and I'm not sure the length is going to be right for her much longer. Although she still has a tiny waist.

After the allergist we stopped at Safeway in DE because they have the soy yogurt Kerstin likes that isn't contaminated with milk. And because it's all tax free there. We rush home to put the cold things away and to eat lunch because we had to hurry to school. Today was the icecream social.

The boys got to go see where their classrooms were and see old friends from last year. James starts on Monday and Christoph starts on Thursday. I'm worried all day long kindy is going to be too much for him. He gets tired easily when it comes to back to back academic type work.

When we got done with school we came home and rode bikes until dinner time. It's beautiful out today and it was fun.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why is that first 23 minutes such a bitch?

I'm referring to exercise of course. After that 23 minute mark I could go on for another hour or two but up until then it's hard to even make it to that point. Tomorrow is my off day for aerobic activity so I'm going to see if I can get hubby's free weights out to use those. For now off to drink some more water. The tiny bottle I drank while on the tredmill wasn't enough.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I haven't been feeling right for a while now and last night I had

an "ah ha" moment. After suffering muscle pain, numbness and not being able to even hold a pencil yesterday I think I found it's being caused by a medication my Dr thinks I should take every day. I was having issues with my heart giving me that flip flop feeling in my chest, extreme tiredness and a lot more. I thought I was going to die! My arm still feels really odd and the muscle pain isn't anything I've ever had before. It doesn't even compare to the soreness you get from exercise. I slept with a heating pad on it all night after taking ibuprofen and getting up six hours later to take more.

I decided last night to look at the side effects of said medication. The ones that were "rare" and serious were most of the ones I have been experiencing. I searched more places on the internet and really think that this medication (at least in my case) is doing more harm than good. There has to be more natural ways to do this other than pop a pill that is known by the FDA to kill people. I should have known earlier this spring when the pharmacist suggested I skip taking this pill while taking an antibiotic for a severe sinus infection. His words "it can kill you". Um, okay...where was the red flag that should have been given to me by my brain?

OH! and it can cause kidney issues AND UTI's much like I've been experiencing since starting this medication! As many times as I've been back to the Dr to complain (and I'm still in a lot of pain), not one time did she say well let's see if maybe this medication is causing the issues. Instead I was dismissed and even told to see a GYN who rolled her eyes and said I should see an Urologist then proceeded to test me for STD's instead. I knew I didn't have STD's and I knew then something wasn't right.

I also read on several different sites the muscle weakness and pain *could* be life long. They never tell you any of this stuff when they give you the medication! You should be told and given the choice. Not just handed a script and told to take this. So for over a year I've been feeling like total crap, not sleeping (also another side effect of the med!), on edge, in pain and so on and this one little pill that I've been taking every single night before bed could be the cause.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Boy, why are kids shoes so expensive?

With three kids and shoes on sale it was over $100. Geesh! I wanted to get them something that would last more than a month. The last few times their shoes just fell right apart. So no shoes from Walmart or Payless or whatever they call themselves now. The people at payless were so rude and didn't even want to ring up our purchases anyway. I'll never go there again. So off to Kohl's and the boys picked out those Super Z strap shoes (can you say Too lazy to tie shoes!) and Kerstin got a pink and tan pair of skechers also.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


that is currently being yelled out by 3 kids running around like lunatics. No clue what it means though. But goodness it doesn't help my headache, rotf.

I would LOVE to get them in the pool but darn the water is 70 degrees. Too cold for my chicken ass. I like warmer water for swimming in. The weather has been really cool here the past week. So much so I acutally turned off the a/c. Really nice fall type weather. I'm hoping it gets hotter soon just so the kids can have a few more fun days in the pool before school starts. Just one more school free week. Okay so not really they have some kind of icecream social to go to next week. Maybe we won't go, lol. Then they can wander the halls looking for their rooms on the first day.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

My oldest was writing in his summer journal

this morning (part of his summer homework from school) and he chose to write about when he grows up. He was telling me all about his house and everything when he grew up then asks his 5 year old brother if he is going to live with him. To which the 5 year old says he's going to live by himself but mommy and daddy can come visit him. My oldest then says that mommy and daddy can live with him if they wanted. The 5 year old says only daddy can live with him but mommy could come to visit. Nice to be loved! Little stinker.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Tell me in what universe this is fair?

Yesterday I was really tired and crabby. I had this awful headache too but just thought it was from allergies since the pollen count has gone up. At dinner time I was getting the kids plates ready and decided I would take my temp since the thermometer was right there on the counter. I was 102, I couldn't believe it.

THEN this morning the kids were kind of sluggish and Kerstin said she wasn't hungry and the boys ate very lightly (not like them) and I decided I would take all of our temps we all have fevers this morning. So not fair. I gave them all some Motrin since Kerstin was super whiney but I still need to take something. That darn headache is coming back.

I would love to lay down a bit but no way I can with these three energy balls running about.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Remember this? My dd loves it. It's got to be as old as me...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Something's got to change...

I'm so tired of being so tired every day. Almost this entire summer I've had to drag myself out of bed. I have to have a cup of coffee before I can even slightly function. Of course my oldest (who will be eight in November) pops right out of bed the second it is seven o'clock and announces it is time to get out of bed as loudly as he can. He wants to make sure everyone in the house is awake because he is.

I had to put a clock in is room and tell him he couldn't get up before 7 am or he's up at the crack of dawn (or earlier!) telling me he's hungry, he's not tired, etc. I can tell you that when school starts he will not be up at seven, he is tired when school starts I guess. So I have to ask him to get up over and over until I'm telling him to get up or else.

Right now, I need to find something to get my rear moving because I have a lot to do. The "rocket" launches suppposidly in about three weeks. Then we move. To where I can't tell you yet. Could be Utah, Florida, Western MD, Northern VA, get the idea. I can't even tell you an exact date either. It's really stressing me out too. I'm not going to be able to take much more of this, really!