Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So what has Elizabeth been up to you asked?

Oh you didn't but I'll tell ya ;)

I'm SLOWLY unpacking. I can't figure out what is what because 95% of the boxes were marked "Books" or "papers", although there is one in our bedroom marked "apes and figureines" I'm guessing it means figurines? But I'm too afraid to look because I didn't have any figurines. I'm missing a lot of items including the new coat I bought last year from Wilson's Leather and of all things my colander and kitchen timer.

We've had 2-3 Dr appointments a week since the second week of December. I've gone back for a second set of ultra sounds since they didn't find anything with the renal U/S. The Dr's nurse called on the 23rd insisting she needed to call an antibiotic in and asked me which ones I could take and compared that with the notes the lab sent her. The Dr was in California so I couldn't talk to her and I don't see her until mid January to find out what the results of the second U/S are.

We all had allergist appointments, Kerstin is no longer allergic to wheat. Which has opened up a lot more foods for her. She's still allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts. In March we're going to do a milk and egg challenge at the Dr's office so we can see what kind of reaction she has to them. Hopefully not anaphylatic!

I'm no longer allergic to shellfish, go figure. I wasn't allergic to it before I moved to AZ either. We're all allergic to Dust Mites and Cats and Dogs. Oh wait Kerstin isn't (yet) allergic to Dust or dogs and cats but that "could" develop with her family history of allergies.

James had an eye appointment since the nurse at school said he needed one. And the poor kid truly needs glasses. He was 20/30 in one eye and 20/70 with an astigmatism in the other eye. The glasses were supposed to be in Friday but they haven't gotten them yet. I really wanted to get him wearing them and a bit used to them before he started back to school. I'm having nightmares of breakage or loss. I told him he wasn't supposed to take them off at school at all.

Christoph tested positive for soy and peanut allergies but they think those were a mix up or false because he eats those things and doesn't show any sort of reaction. He was so allergic to all the trees and grasses that the spots were much larger than the histamine they put on him for a comparison. Half of his back was red and itchy. I had to hold his hands down to keep him from scratching so they could measure the spots.

Our anniversary is tomorrow but with all the money we spent on appliances and Christmas we're only giving each other cards. We had to pay rent and mortgage on the house in Elkton today so the checkbook is scary, lol. I'll have to wait a bit so I can buy some curtains to put up on the windows. My aunt did send me a check for $300 for Christmas but there isn't a Bank of America around. I have to drive to Tennessee to put it in the bank. I'm just not up for that this week. I think I'll see about opening an account with the Arsenal Credit Union, they have offices all over the place here.

So now that the kids are fighting I need to get off the computer and put them to work. I don't know why but Kerstin and Christoph can push each others buttons like there's no tomorrow. I don't remember James and Christoph fighting that much at that age. It's nerve wracking.