Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So I haven't updated in a long time...

and I'll just say that I'm leaving all the water issues to dh. Which is a HUGE mess right now with the builder expecting us to even pay for the repair of the broken valve that was underground. We lease this house and have only been in it for 2 months give or take. THEY will take care of it according to our lawyer. But I'll leave it there. DH and the Lawyer are working on it.

I think dh has decided we won't buy this house, not sure. IF our house in MD sells soon. We had a serious couple looking at it but it's 3rd on their list of choices. I hope it jumps up to number one and quick! Paying out on 2 houses every month is hurting our savings.

Dh leaves again next week, this time Arizona.

James 'graduated' from speech therapy, so he's done! So no more IEP meetings for me! YAY!

I feel so tired and so stressed and I'm still in freaking pain. But there is nothing that is being found that should be causing it. Please pray they find the cause or that it goes away. It's been well over a year now. The pain gets so bad that I'm nauseated most days. Not a fun way to be when you have kids that are always on the go.

Monday, February 02, 2009

So we might be looking for another house...

we'll be walking away from the earnest money we put down on the contract part (we've got a lease to own). There are so many things we're finding wrong with this place and it's a nightmare to get them to fix it. One small thing is a cracked tile by the fireplace

It was like this when we did the walk through and they were supposed to fix it and made several appointments to come do it and never showed. The window in the bathroom leaks every time it rains and now the wall and paint are messed up. He caulked it from the outside supposidly but it still leaks and the painters who were supposed to come and caulk the bedroom windows, which also leak and leak badly. Have never shown up.

And then the latest... The guy from the water company came to check the meter last week. He knocked on the door to ask if we had water running. I checked and nothing was running. I thought maybe the water heater was filling up since James had taken a bath so I wasn't too concerned. The water meter guy said we had a leak but it wasn't on their end. I checked it again the next morning and the meter is still spinning. Our water bill was over $2K for just last month! I called the builder on Friday, he called back on Friday night and said he'd be here the first thing on Monday morning. I'm still waiting. First thing to me would be at least 9 am since the south seems to sleep in. Dh is livid (and on a plane back to MD) but he says he's not paying this water bill. I don't know what it will take to fix the leak since we can't seem to find it. We checked everything. Outside and inside. Nothing is on and there are not obvious water leaks any where. Dh is going to give me a nervous breakdown over this. It's apparently my job to do it all. He didn't even take the freaking trash out last night and I'm in an evil mood.