Wednesday, April 08, 2009

When it rains

they leak! And it's a brand new house.

French doors leak at the window

Water dripping in and onto the carpet. The wet spot grew even larger than that and has happened many times after.

Water coming in our bedroom window

Water dripping down the tub like a mini waterfall from water coming in the window.

Water stains on the bathroom wall

This is a water stain, it wasn't on the wall when we did the walk through. But was there the day we went to move in. I guess it's not a priority for the builder to fix it. It's going to lose them a sale of a house! We're allergic to mold and I shudder to think what's growing inside the walls.
Can you see the water draining down the sill? (The shiny part in the middle)


Candy said...

Oh My.

That's just poor workmanship on their part. That's entirely too many leaks. What the heck?

Sorry :(

Michelle said...

OH my Goodness Elizabeth that is BAD!! When are you moving out?